Valentine Bridge

Valentine Bridge is ...

... a new band that plays lots of classic pop tunes from the 20s – 60s.  All of the tunes have some claim to fame as Oscar/Emmy/Grammy winners, big #1 hits, or with many covers by famous performers of the past; sometimes they're just fun like a pizza pie in the eye.

The original goal was to produce an audio CD as a Valentine’s Day gift.  One early criterion for selecting tunes was that they have an interesting musical bridge.  So the set name, Valentine Bridge, became synonymous with love songs with a good musical hook.

Our tune list is still expanding to broaden our style and scope.  Visit our playlist page to get a feel for the style and hear some audio clips.  The mood we bring is perfect for weddings, cafe's, tasting rooms, and retirement communities.  We are basically an acoustic band, but we can 'amp-up' for playing outside or in larger rooms.

Picture left:  LindaMae, Patrick, and Shari.

Contact Patrick for details.

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